My first ever Muse : Wandering Shiksey x Masala Chai

My first ever Muse : Wandering Shiksey x Masala Chai

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Ever since Masala Chai came into existence, i knew in my heart that it will connect with souls far far beyond my own reach, for our shared love for living a soulful free-spirited life and adorning ourselves with unique thoughtfully crafted pieces and above all, being true to our core values. Ever since then, I have been dreaming about who would be my first ever muse — someone who truly understands the core idea behind Masala Chai and personally handpicked curations and appreciates slow & earthy living.

I stumbled upon Shikha, who lovingly calls herself ‘Wandering Shiksey’, randomly one day on social media, many many moons ago, and it felt like we had some kind of connection. A true inspiration in every aspect — for life, for following passions, her cultural sensibilities, our shared love for local communities and embracing our most authentic self. One can say it was love at first sight :) 

During my recent trip to India, I finally had a chance to meet her and sneak a peek inside her beautifully decorated abode and her slow lifestyle. And while sipping a hot cup of Masala Chai together, we exchanged our thoughts on our favorite pieces from Masala Chai. 

So here’s my Masala Chai muse ♡

~ she is bold, she is feminine, she holds dear to her heart her roots and her simplicity, loves freely and lives free-spiritedly. She travels the world, she heals and nurtures, she empowers every soul she touches and stays true to her core ~


On your unique personal style and what inspires you: I love clothes that are feminine yet I also love being myself. So, I always choose between comfort and style. I’m hugely inspired by textiles - the fabric and the craftsmanship that goes into making a garment excites me. I can say I am not into fashion, I am more into what tickles my senses, colors, the feel of the fabric and details. My personal style is a mix of old and new, modern yet true to my roots.

On ageing gracefully and being your unapologetic self: ⁠There no secret to age if you accept it gracefully. I love spending time with children - their energy and enthusiasm is something I like to to keep up with. Being an Enabler & an Educator, I’ve worked extensively with children with special needs and I am constantly learning new things and always on the move. My love of traveling and learning is hugely responsible for me ageing the way I am.

On her: Zikr Handloom Kaftan Dress

Your idea of slow living: Simplicity is what slow living means to me. One can choose that wherever you are and make informed choices. Keeping your life simple and intentional is the key. I've travelled and lived briefly in remote areas of India and truly enjoyed that and at the same time also love coming back to the city and enjoy my life here - theatre, fashion, food etc. Striking a balance between the two is what makes life so much enjoyable and easier.

On favorite pieces of clothing, fabrics and supporting Homegrown in every way possible: I wear everything that gets my fancy. When it comes to Indian & Homegrown, I love gossamer soft fabrics. Mul and organic khadi/cottons are my favorite. Even in winters I'm happy to layer up in these. But I'm equally a jeans and a white shirt person too. On most days, you'll find me in my linen pant and a loose cotton shirt look. Having said that, I also love wearing kurtas and salwars and beautiful dupattas! 

On her: Seher Handwoven Jamdani Dress, Tribal Silver Ring (Coming soon)

Your home is a reflection of you. What inspired you to decorate this way: When we were building this house i had no intention of doing it myself but as we progressed I realized that i wanted it to be our style and not anyone else’s. Just like my personal style, I have old and new things belonging to my grandparents and my mother and some beautiful treasures I’ve picked from my travels that brings life into my space. It's traditional yet contemporary inspired by my love for my heritage and I’m glad i can pass that love to my daughters.

Since we share a our love for jewelry, what is that one piece of jewelry that you cannot live without: My grandmother’s chain with a topaz pendant which is a very very old piece but close to my heart. Besides that I love wearing anything unique and rare that catches my attention. My current favourite is a silver pendant engraved with an Egyptian prayer by a designer named Faten Saadallah who makes gorgeous healing jewelry.

On Masala Chai: I quite enjoy the way Masala Chai is evolving slowly. There’s no rush and it’s a very breezy and flowing curation of carefree Indian style. More than anything else, Masala Chai speaks of Tanvi's personal style and I am glad to be a part of its journey.

- Shikha Puri 🤎