Mohinī  I मोहिनी : A love affair with Dhokra Jewelry

Mohinī I मोहिनी : A love affair with Dhokra Jewelry

in Me & My Masala Chai
One who adorns herself with earth's embrace,
a muse of feminine grace
her energy like a magical dance, echoes of tradition and a soulful trance.
Goddess of beauty, earth and sky,
Mohini's spirit, never to die.


 On her: Bhumi Spiral Tribal Bangles

Dhokra - A piece of Earth

Amidst the whispers of artisans and the gentle hymn of creativity, there exists a world where earthiness meets ethereal beauty — a world woven with the threads of Dhokra jewelry. This ancient artistry that came from the Dhokra Damar tribes - the traditional metal smiths of West Bengal and Odisha.

Picture this: A tranquil workshop, where skilled hands transform raw materials into wearable poetry. The journey begins with clay, molded with reverence and shaped into intricate designs that echo the whispers of nature. Every detail is meticulously carved by hand and carefully placed to dry, the artisans then start prepping the mud which forms the final covering.

Next comes the wax (beeswax or resin), a delicate medium that captures every nuance of the artisan's vision, infusing soul into metal destined to bloom into Dhokra's signature charm.

Now, the magic unfolds as molten metal meets its waxen mold — a dance of elements, a symphony of creation. Tiny drain ducts are built in the mould which facilitate a passage for melted wax and molten brass to move through the design. The mould is covered by another layer of clay mud mixture and left to harden for the last time before baking it in a 'bhatti' (an open oven).

The heat transforms, the wax vanishes, leaving behind a vessel for dreams to be filled with liquified brass. Once cooled, the mud covering is carefully chipped off to reveal the raw structure which is then polished and finished by hand. Each piece is hence unique in it's own, some may even have black marks from the heat.

Seen here: Mira cuffs in Silver

Dhokra is more than just craftsmanship, it is a testament to sustainability, of dreams that speak of roots so deep, passed down from generations to generations. Every step honors the earth, from sourcing ethical materials to embracing eco-friendly practices. It's a dance of balance, where art and environment harmonize in perfect unity. As the final touches grace each piece, a sense of connection emerges — a bridge between ancient wisdom and contemporary style.


For me, Dhokra jewelry is not just an adornment, it's a journey of self-discovery and connection with my roots. A soulful trance that blends earth's embrace and bohemian dreams, a reflection of my love for sustainable artistry and timeless pieces that I celebrate everyday.

 Jewels that speak of roots so deep,
Of earth's embrace, a promise to keep.
Forged by hands with ancient care,
Whispers of nature, woven rare.


Muse: Navya Jayamohan @kaapi_stained
Photographer: R Muralee @leemur.a