I am drawn to cultures, stories, poetry, nostalgia, individuality and everything that takes me back to India. Old Indian crafts & techniques have always fascinated me and even though I have stayed away from my home country for over a decade, my heart has always known where it belongs, no matter the distance.

I’ve always liked handmade things, their uniqueness, imperfections stand out for me. Indian handlooms, drapes, textiles, embroidery, jewelry – everything that inspires me and speaks to my soul, and the special connection that it forms with the people who make them (artisans, brands, kaarigars) and their craftsmanship.

And while I have always collected, celebrated and embraced handmade in every way possible, it was time for me to share this feeling with you. My curations, my learnings, my findings and everything this heart loves and desires. Masala Chai is therefore a reflection and an extension of all that is me and all that my heart longs for.

At Masala Chai, you’ll find a curated collection of sustainable, home-grown pieces that reflect my values and aesthetics, and resonate with my spirit - bohemian, free-spirited, and deeply connected to nature. A mindful curation of aesthetics, crafts, meaningful experiences that are inspired by our culture, history & tradition in the form of timeless designs and rare finds that I hope you will cherish as much as I do.

Each product is carefully selected by me personally, ensuring that it meets the standards of sustainability and responsible sourcing and is thoughtfully made in small batches which means that once it is over, it will take the artisans not less than 2 to 3 months to make it again for you. From clothing to home decor, each product at Masala Chai is thus a celebration of a New India - of Slow fashion and Big heart.

And with all that, I’m truly excited to share with you the warmth and connection of all that I’ve built with you all. It is a reminder that no matter where we are in the world, we can always find a little piece of our home in the things we love that celebrate our values. 

Just like a hot cup of Masala Chai. 

With Love,
Tanvi M